EB-3 Application

Instructions to apply

Follow the instructions below to apply for available positions:

1. Download the job application form; SHOP NOW!

NOTE: Please send the completed form with payment confirmation of INITIAL EB-3 CONSULTING - Online Visa Consulting below. 

2. Complete the form. The form should be saved in .PDF;

2.1. Dates in American format: MM / DD / YEAR

2.2. In empty spaces (if a box does not apply to the candidate - it has to be filled in with: NONE OR N / A)

3. Documents that require to be scanned on both  sides should be combined into one file. Documents that require translation, should be combined in one file: original & translation.

3.1. Each document should be saved separately (not all documents in same file) in .PDF or .JPEG.

CAPITAL LETTERS, Name - first letter: Capital, remaining letters: lowercase. (1- Video - SMITH, John)

4. Number corresponding to the number of the document as it is on the Check list:

4.1. Copy of passport

4.2. Copy of education documents

4.3. Copies of documents related to immigration

4.4. Curriculum (save as .DOCX or .PDF)

5. All documents must be sent together all at once to email: eb3application@jlrecruitment.net 

Subject: Job Application Form - NAME - Position